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Hygiene and health company Essity is launching new ranges of washable absorbent underwear within its feminine care and incontinence products categories. The underwear offers invisible protection for up to eight hours, providing users with a more sustainable option than disposable protection.

Intimawear by LibresseIn Essity’s incontinence products category, TENA Silhouette Washable Absorbent Underwear is being launched for women with light bladder weakness and with a focus on discretion. In Essity’s feminine care category, a line of period underwear is being launched called intimawear under the brands Libresse™, Bodyform™ and Nana™. The two products have different gusset lengths and come in different styles and with different types of lace. 

“Essity has always been at the forefront of sustainable innovation and been fast in responding to the changing needs of consumers. Therefore, we are very excited about our most recent innovation; the launch of absorbent and washable underwear. These products take wearing comfort to the next level and also demonstrate our commitment to sustainability by providing our consumers with a sustainable, re-usable solution,” says Tuomas Yrjölä, President Global Brand, Innovation and Sustainability at Essity.

Essity’s products and solutions cover all phases of life and benefit both individuals and society as a whole. Each Essity brand has its own purpose and function, but all work to create well-being and sustainable value for customers and consumers.

The launch of the products has commenced in Latin America and will continue in other markets in selected stores and online during the first quarter of 2021. 

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