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Essity, a leading hygiene and health company, has been recognized as a global leader for its action on water and forests and received the highest score from CDP, an international not-for-profit charity that promotes a more sustainable economy. From thousands of participating companies, Essity is one of only four to qualify for CDP’s A List for both Water and Forests. 

CDP conducts independent surveys of thousands of companies, and the risks and opportunities associated with their climate, water and forest management practices. CDP’s A-Lists are compiled on behalf of 827 signatory investors, representing assets of USD 100 trillion. Essity has received the highest score in CDP’s water program for its transparency about efforts to promote sustainable water usage, and the highest score in CDP’s forests program for its management of efforts to address deforestation in the supply chain. 

“We are continuously trying to improve and develop our work with responsible fiber sourcing and management of water risks. It is very gratifying that this work has been recognized. As one of only four companies in the world to receive the highest score for our efforts in both of these areas, our work is not only benefitting our own business, it is also contributing to a more sustainable world,” says Kersti Strandqvist, Senior Vice President Sustainability, Essity. 

“We would like to congratulate those companies that have joined the A Lists this year. It is inspiring to see the number of companies that have raised their ambitions and taken major steps to manage their environmental risks and link this work to a more sustainable economy. The leadership of these companies is paving the way for others to take action and benefit from the opportunities this brings,” says Paul Simpson, CEO of CDP. 

Essity also received a very high score (A-) for its management of climate-change risk. The scores and ratings of all participating companies are available on CDP’s website 

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