Finished products is a diversified group of products that are needed to complement the Essity assortment to better serve our customers. The products are produced entirely by other producers, often according to Essity specifications. Many times, these are products that require a completely different manufacturing technology, such as the production of washroom dispensers or soap. It can also be products that are similar to what we produce in our own factories, but the limited volumes do not justify dedicating or adapting our own production lines. 

Origin and Risks

The risks within this group vary with the type of product that is bought in. We use the same risk evaluation procedure for assessing finished products-suppliers as we do with raw material suppliers. Furthermore, our knowledge about risks associated with raw material makes it possible for us to put high demands on suppliers. Depending on supplier location, the inherent risks can be excessive overtime, health and safety, routines around fire, and emergency exits at the manufacturing site.

Mitigation Activities

The risks at direct supplier level are identified and corrected through normal quality and supplier qualification audits, self-assessment questionnaires, and ethical audits in combination with corrective action plans.