Non-woven materials, plastic films and chemicals are the other major raw material groups. They are primarily used in our absorbing hygiene products such as incontinence protection and baby diapers, but also in wound care products, general packaging solutions, dispensers, wipers for cleaning etc. 

Main Country of Origin

The main volumes of nonwovens, films and chemicals are sourced from Western Europe and North America.

Risks Identified

Although Essity is exploring several alternative sources, the origin of the largest part of raw materials in this group is still fossil oil. The transformation of oil to chemicals and ready raw materials is usually a highly automized and capital-intensive process, reducing the likelihood of human rights risks. We therefore expect risks to be more limited and closer to our direct suppliers rather than at the source. Risks identified: health and safety and to a lesser extent wages and benefits. 

Mitigation Activities

Careful supplier selection and supplier collaboration, supplier self-assessment and information sharing through Sedex and ethical audits. - see section “Sustainability risk assessment well imbedded in established routines” for more details.