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Life-changing Products and Solutions

Taking care of yourself and others can be difficult when the available products and solutions can not stand up to present-day challenges or your individual needs. Using inclusive design principles, consumer insights and ongoing collaboration with experts and health professionals, we develop innovations that make a difference every day.


Individual compression for different needs

Lymphedema and Lipedema are unique and chronic conditions that can be overwhelming and can make people feel anxious or alone. Also, they create pain and impede movement in the body. Our brand JOBST is passionate about providing innovative compression therapy solutions that empower patients to confidently live the life they want, without compromise - despite their lymphatic or venous condition. Since everyone has different needs we design products to support those differences. 


World's number one for incontinence care

One in three women over 35 and one in four men over 40 deal with urinary leakage worldwide, and the number is growing. Incontinence has a large impact on the quality of life of individuals, their families, and caregivers. Ensuring that we respond to the individual needs of people affected by incontinence is therefore a global quest by Essity. We aim to develop and produce innovative products that enable millions around the world to live active, independent and dignified lives.

Advanced knitting

JOBST® Confidence

Smart measuring

JOBST® LEXpert®360

People suffering from certain venous diseases need medical compression stockings that match their needs and individual leg shapes. The phlebological leg scanner, JOBST® LEXpert®360, uses infrared technology to precisely measure patients in less than 5-seconds. This is accompanied by an intuitive user interface which streamlines product choice and order processing.
Dignified care

TENA SmartCare

TENA SmartCare™️ is a new and reusable digital sensor for improved continence care. The sensor is attached on the outside of a TENA incontinence product. Family members or care professionals are notified when an incontinence product needs to be changed, which reduces unnecessary changes. The result is less waste and a better night’s sleep. 

Improved healing through advanced wound care

More than 34 million people worldwide have chronic wounds. These are wounds that don’t heal, even after 6-8 weeks. The condition is complicated and challenging. And it can cause severe physical and emotional suffering, due to pain, distress, odor and the psychological burden created when others begin to take notice. With innovative wound management solutions and the perfect balance of advanced technology and user-friendly concepts, our Cutimed Advanced Wound Care range empowers professionals to help their patients heal quickly and effectively. 

Mother in bed
Feminine Care

Understanding women's needs

How important the access to hygiene and sanitary products is in order to participate in social life at all is shown by our Essentials Initiative Study. However, in order for women to be able to lead a healthy and active life according to their own ambitions, these products must also meet their individual needs. Women's bodies are all unique and they change in so many ways across the human lifecycle. Therefore, we work with women at all life stages, through small consumer panel tests to workshops and large quantitative studies to gain feedback, generate products ideas and innovate in new ways to support them and the changes they're going through.

Discreet underwear

TENA Silhouette Noir

Essentials for daily needs

Leukoplast Wound Care

Washable protection

Intimawear™ by Libresse

Professional Hygiene

Hand Hygiene for all

Handwashing is not always accessible for all - for example for people with disabilities. Our brand Tork wants to offer clean hand possibilities for all with EasyHandling Packaging and certified easy to use dispenser solutions.

Cover of the Hygiene and Health Report
A tool for inclusivity

Design for all

To achieve more inclusive societies, it is important that all citizens have access to public environments, services and solutions. Lena Lorentzen, Professor of Industrial Design, Sweden is a champion for the Design For All approach. She has worked together with Essity in its development of the Tork hygiene concept which includes paper and soap dispensers for public environments.