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Essity enables more people every day to enjoy a fuller life by offering access to sustainable hygiene and health solutions and providing hygiene and health education.
We also contribute by working on prevention to combat spread of diseases and other health risks, on menstrual hygiene management, support work on improving health care coverage and development and training of health workforce in therapy areas of our expertise

Way forward

Essity will continue to develop sustainable hygiene and health solutions. We will also offer related education and deliver it to current and new consumers and customers.
We will continue to identify potential areas for value creation in relation to health and well-being - for example new hygiene and health innovations.
We will work with partners (e.g. Governmental organizations, NGOs etc) to identify unmet needs, develop solutions and remove obstacles
Leverage our Hygiene Matters initiative (www.hygienematters.com), which encompasses most of the SDGs Essity contribute to.


* Essity held the number one or two position in at least one hygiene product segment in about 90 markets.
* Hundreds of million people use Essity´s products every day.

Example of partnership:

WSSCC (Water Supply and Sanitation Collaboration Supply) http://wsscc.org/

Essity Hygiene Solutions

We will make our knowledge about hygiene available to customers and consumers and ensure access to affordable, sustainable hygiene solutions to help them lead a healthy and dignified life. In markets in which we operate we will:
  • Provide information on hygiene matters around our products and services.
  • Strive to implement education programs for girls, women and care-givers.
  • Strive to offer the best value for consumers, making hygiene solutions affordable to everyone.