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From Team Leader to Operations Leader


Colette Devine was working at News Printers where there had been a lot of redundancies. She started looking elsewhere for work and applied to Essity for a production Team Leader's role. Since then she has moved across to Process Leader and is now an Operations Leader at Essity’s Oakenholt site in North Wales.

Tell us about how you ended up at Essity and about your role?

I joined Essity in September 2013 and I’m currently working in Paper Making (where the raw material is made into the semi-finished product). I’m part of the manufacturing site’s Lead Team and I’m responsible for the results of Paper Machine Two, the biggest paper machine on site. I have 13 direct reports and the Team Leaders that report to me each have four people who report to them, so it’s quite a vast team. I’m responsible for progressing my team and developing apprentices.

I’m always working towards improving results and keeping people motivated. The focus is developing my team and getting good results.

In what way do you see yourself growing at Essity in the future?

I’d like to work my way up of course; I’m the type of person who wants to do very well in my current role before progressing onwards. I would love to be a Site Manager, but things can always change as you progress and move up.

“What really characterizes the leadership at Essity is that everybody has a voice”

What kind of career opportunities are there?

There are lots of different opportunities. I started in one of our Converting sites in Skelmersdale, Lancashire.  (A converting site is where semi-finished product is converted to the final product people buy in the supermarket). I was given the opportunity to join Essity’s MAP Program (Management Acceleration Program) and through this programme, met people from different parts of the business.

I found out there was a job available in Paper Making and got the promotion and moved across. There are lots of different sites too, and I’ve moved across from Skelmersdale to Oakenholt. There’s progression and opportunities if you want to travel or even within the site you work on.

What characterises the leadership at Essity?

For me, it’s that everybody has a voice. My job is to listen to the people who work alongside me to get the best results. No matter what position you’re in, people listen to you and take on board what you’re saying.

How would you describe the working culture at Essity?

It’s a good working culture and I enjoy my role, I like the fact that it’s a big company and there’s a huge appeal to the products we make. Toilet roll and kitchen roll are essential everyday products, and when involved in the manufacturing process, no two days are ever the same. The longer you’re in the company the more you get involved in, and there’s a lot of communication and integration, so we all work together.

I’m biased but I think we’ve got a really good team on site. We focus on the values of Essity in terms of care, collaboration, courage and commitment which is really important.

What makes Essity a good employer in your opinion?

I’d say the opportunities that you get given. I’ve had three different roles across sites, and also moved from the smaller paper machine to the bigger one. If you want development and progression there are people at Essity always willing to help.

Interviewee information:
Name: Colette Devine
Title: PM2 Operations Leader
Education: Courses at Manchester College, NVQ L3 Diploma - First Line Management and NVQ L3 Business Administration

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