“WIT was an amazing experience. I learnt about my own thinking preferences in different situations and how to focus on my strengths and tactics to make improvements in areas which are not my natural strength. At times the exercises and assignments were challenging but, in my view, that’s how you grow and learn!” 

Tisha still uses the knowledge she learned from the WIT program daily “The one-on-one coaching sessions were excellent and helped me apply what I was learning from the program in my day to day. In WIT, you have the opportunity to revisit your personal goals and objectives you made at the end of the program to see your progress. You also can create a plan to continue work on those goals, if needed.”  

An appreciated part of the WIT program are the sessions with female top leaders in Essity where they share experiences and provide advice. “Listening to and discussing with other women in leadership positions in the company was wonderful and inspiring as well as working in small groups with some of the other ladies and the networking events. I came out of this program learning new things about myself, how important networking is, and understanding the way that I work and why, which is a great insight to have.” 

“Essity is big on you determining your own career path which hopefully makes each employee feel empowered and Essity also provides room for change, development, and growth. No two career paths are the same and what works for me may not work for you and that’s ok; that’s what makes Essity great!” ends Tisha