6.1 Chemical legislation

All goods delivered must comply with applicable chemical legislation.  Suppliers may be required to follow chemical legislation for parts of the world other than where the goods are delivered, as the final Essity product may be distributed globally.

Examples of chemical legislation:

  • REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals). Essity requires suppliers supplying within and to the EU to take full responsibility for pre-registering, registering, notifying and/or applying for authorization as and when required. This also applies when customs documents identify Essity as the importer
  • Toxic Substances Control Act (TOSCA)(USA)
  • Corresponding legislation to REACH and TOSCA in other regions
  • Biocide legislation
  • Food contact legislation
  • Occupational health & safety (hazardous substances) legislation
  • Dangerous goods regulations (for transport)

A non-exhaustive list of legislations and abbreviations relevant to Essity businesses can be found in Annex A3

6.2 Chemical substances of special concern to Essity

Essity has defined chemical substances that are of special concern and are subject to specific restrictions. A reference to the list of substances can be found in Annex A2 via the following link www.essity.com/gss.

In the production processes, specific circumstances may exist that would make exceptions from this list necessary. Any exceptions shall be communicated and approved by Essity.

The supplier shall inform Essity of all changes to compositions of goods and of all changes to classification (according to CLP/UN-GHS).